All you need to know about FIT’s  Audio, Video & Light Rental on Bonaire in 30 seconds.

You may recognize that on Bonaire sound systems are usually pretty old, big, bulky and very present with lots of speakers, cables and other equipment. Most important is the – often heard complaint about – inaudibility of speech through those systems.

FIT Sound Rental has a totally different approach to Sound Rental and works with the very compact professional sound systems by BOSE. So the quality needs no further saying. FIT is also the only supplier of this Brand and system on Bonaire.

In Short:

  • One Loudspeaker does it all
  • Comes with 3 microphones standard (up to max 9 as option)
  • Suitable for up to 400 people (depending on the situation)
  • For *Speech *(Live) Music and *DJ’s
  • The very best system for presentations

So why is this interesting for you?

  • It’s super compact and takes up hardly any space
  • Therefore it’s almost invisible (people tend not to see it)
  • Its a neat system (almost no cables)
  • Very big range of sound
  • Set up and take down in a matter of minutes
  • Always Full Service (Sound Engineer included)

The best part:
This Sound system is available per hour. And extremely affordable.


  • Also at incredible low rates we can expand this set for bigger venues.
  • We have wireless sets (with hand held, headset or tie-pin microphones or instrument connections)
  • And can also provide top notch stage lighting, a Superb video beamer & screens, and stabilized power regulators

Availability and possibility for a specific setting are only 1 telephone call away.

Try us. Experience our different approach to Sound Rental and you also will be hooked.

FIT: Leave nothing to chance