Informing you – as our customer – is where informed choices and good decisions start. We make people aware that Audio-Video & Light Rental can also be done differently and at the same time provide those options that will result in a higher effectiveness of your communication and therefore a better and worry-free result. We also believe that extensive preparation is the basis of every successful event, so that’s exactly what we do: prepare… very well! FIT Sound Rental only uses all the top-brands in the industry, such as: Bose, Shure, Panasonic, Apple, Soundcraft, König & Meyer, ADJ, etc. Using the ultra slim design Bose PA Sound Systems guarantees the highest available quality of equipment. The included Sound Engineer – being a professional musician for over 25 years with very good ears – guarantees the best sound-quality and audibility to be had.

With our Pro-sound engineer, high quality equipment and an extensive preparation combined with many years of experience in the music industry, event-organization and Full service Audio, Video & Light (AVL) Rental, we create added value to your presentations/events in regard with amplification of speech, background music, DJ-performances and acoustic bands. All this high value in a low-cost full service package available per hour!

With our pro-active attitude we can asure you that we make the most out of every Audio, Video & Light situation. We ask the questions you have not yet thought about. Actually we ask more questions than you probably anticipated. We leave nothing to chance. You can only do it right once, and therefore our commitment is ‘To do the right things to do the things right’. Always!
All this so that you may enjoy a worry-free presentation, party or event, with all your focus on your own activities. You can trust FIT Sound Rental and this will add to your peace of mind.

Respectful manners and integrity are the basis of FIT’s internal and external communications and actions.

Technical, musical and organizational cooperation has been given to charities and charity-events many times.

FIT: Leave nothing to chance