Project Description

Installation of the new Chief of Police for the BES

January 2017
approx. 200 guests
client: KPCN – Police Force Dutch Caribbean
location: Open air, public square at the local police station Rincon
end result according to client: It was FIT-perfection as always before

KPCN (Royal Dutch Police Force in the Caribbean) asked for complete technical support for the official installation of the new Chief of Police for the BES by Minister of Justice Ard van der Steur from the Netherlands. This included measuring & mapping out the location for tent and stage placement, electricity-checks and back-ups, building and dressing the stage, audio-systems for speeches and music and stage-lighting. Due to Fit’s standard operational procedures and extensive preparations, the event on January 12th, 2017 went flawless, as it should.

Comment from:
– PR & Communicatie Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland mevr Caroline Pie: “The sound for the official installation-event was, like with all your earlier assignments for KPCN, perfect”

– Audio Amplification
– Background Music
– Speech Amplification
– Stage Building
– Stage Lighting
– Wireless Systems