Ard van der Steur (Member House of Representatives Netherlands)
If you say Harry you say: fun, pleasure, entertainment and good quality. It is a joy working with him. Let him help you!

Frank Noom (Trainer, Coach at Frank Noom – Blikverbreder)
Being a musician myself I know Harry mainly as the contractor. He makes clear agreements and does his preparations for every meticulously. You know where you stand, what you can expect and what is expected of you. Therefore you have clarity on all fronts and that is very pleasant. In addition, he likes to think in possibilities and always searches the solutions where many see only problems. I know him as an honest hard worker and a pleasant man.

Wim Mijs (Chief Executive officer at Dutch Bankers Association)
Harry is a great entertainer and a very trustworthy person to do business with. He has a keen sense of what his clients need and a very service and quality oriented and personal approach. Highly recommended!

Peter Rikken (Managing Director at Meilink Group)
Harry is a very good organizer. He leaves nothing to chance. An excellent improviser as well. Has a good understanding of different situations and adapting to them.

Erik Ter Braak (Registered Pension Consultant & Owner, F&L Ambachtsheeren)
Harry is a driven person whom you can rely on, both in private and business. Delivering on promises has become a scarce commodity, reason for us to cherish the contact with Harry. Keep up the good work!

Linda Bakker (NLP Trainer Art 2 Advance/Coach 123TC)
Harry’s qualities that I know of are: Enthusiasm, passion, decisiveness, empathy, accuracy, humor, reliability, efficiency, creativity, openness, flexibility, spontaneity, helpfulness and attention to detail. This sums up to: an energetic, positive ‘busybody’ to whom you can leave all kinds of things, with peace of mind.

Theodoor Huiskes (Tax Partner at Ernst & Young)
Harry is an enthusiastic person; both in managing his business as well as in his exuberant performance as an artist. I have used Harry’s services more than once. Harry delivers what he promises. In his role as manager of bands Harry has advised me always the right band for the occasion. Next to that Harry is creative and inventive in organizing parties (from A to Z) for his clients.


– “Thank you for a great job covering the background music at our Baptism-party. The sound – indeed – was absolutely great. We expected nothing else with a Bose sound system. You also chose the right music for the occasion just like we asked.” (Connor)

– “Dear Harry, thanx for your help with our party. Everyone had a ball and as you promised: the sound was perfect everywhere without being too loud” (Karen & Chris)

– “You delivered as you promised Harry and it was a pleasure working with you” (George)