Preferably you don’t want any obtrusive – usually very large and unsightly – sound system with all it’s cables and associated equipment in plain sight. There is an óther way. FIT Sound Rental uses the world’s best, most compact and unobtrusive sound system by Bose that can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes. Seeing is believing.

Everyone knows this situation where the sound right in front of the speakers is annoyingly loud while at the same time to quiet and inaudible at a distance. Bose has dealt with this problem for once and for all with it’s superior Compact systems. The decay (or drop) of sound level over distance is HALF(!) in comparison with conventional speakers. So the sound right in front of the sound system is at a pleasant level without compromising audibility at a distance.

During your event – Business or Private – you want everyone to be able to hear all the speeches/speakers very well… to get your message across. That can be quite a challenge in a meeting room, let alone in an ‘open-air situation’ on Bonaire with the ever present wind. Audibility is not something to be taken for granted. Certainly not when guests sit upwind of the speakers. Make sure you make the connection with our Bose – HiFi Quality – sound systems.

You have the choice between the COMPACT (Bose L1 Model2) for up to 400 people, or the ULTRA COMPACT (Bose L1 Compact) for up to 100 people. Of course we have more of each system, so we can even expand to greater audiences depending on the setting and your specific requirements.

Fit Sound Rental also has wireless systems that can be used with either a handheld microphone, a headset microphone or a tie-pin microphone. And they can also be used with instruments. Therefore there is a wireless option for every situation.

Acoustic music should sound acoustic! And the same goes for an acoustic band (a band with mostly acoustic instruments). The Bose sound system is the Holy Grail for this situation and gives you an unrivaled HiFi Quality with dynamic and crisp clear sound. There is simply nothing like it. The sound will fill the room in a way you have never experienced before. Hearing is believing.

Apart from solo-artists and duo’s we have all the equipment for amplifying acoustic bands. Including microphones, cables & stands, wireless systems and up to a 12 channel mixing console. If you need more we can still provide.

Especially with background music you want it ’just to be there’ without having to see where it comes from. So a very compact and yet high design sound system is what you need. Quick setup, almost no cables and virtually invisible, with still the very best sound to be had is exactly what our Bose system can do for you. Wether you plugin your iPod, iPhone, Macbook or iMac or ANY other (none-Apple) source that comes to mind, from easy background music up to a little dance-party, we can make it happen.

For every DJ performance – from chill lounge-setting to a great dance party at realistic sound levels – FIT Sound Rental is your partner if you require the utmost sound quality and a professional appearance.

On your wedding day you don’t want to leave anything to chance. FIT Sound Rental is well known for it’s extensive preparation and pro-active attitude in general. So if you want to make sure all your microphone moments are flawless and speeches are actually heard by al attendants, and your (background or live) music is perfect please give us a call. Read more about the specifics on weddings here.

The pro-active Sound Engineer that always comes with the system makes sure that everything sounds perfect and runs smoothly during the event. Naturally he is dressed correctly for the occasion. All of the above are available at a very low – hourly – rate!

Last – but no least – is the consideration of certainty about your happening whatever it may be, to succeed. To have a worry-free event! Sound Service and Audio Engineering is a craft that requires knowledge and experience. All the equipment needs to work perfectly and demands high maintenance and even more important: there needs to be a back-up. And this applies to the whole sound system, as well as all the details and extra’s like cables and microphones etc. It’s the FIT way.

The Sound Service by FIT on Bonaire is very inexpensive and will give all this quality & peace of mind.

FIT: Leave nothing to chance