FIT SOUND RENTAL VISION: Leave nothing to chance

Presentations & Event-situations:
Audio – Video & Light should go hand in hand. You may have good sound, but when the person using the microphone can not be seen because of a lack of attention in the preparation (careful positioning and effective stage-lighting) you missed out. FIT has many years of practical experience in ‘on ánd off stage’ assignments and our pro-active attitude makes the most out of every live-situation. We ask the questions you may not have thought of and we inform you about things you may not know so that you get the best result in the end.

There is an answer to almost every situation if it is adressed in a timely manner. That is why careful preparation is at the beginning of every succes. And extensive preparation is on of FIT’s strongpoints. We leave nothing to chance!

We want to know your goals so we can support exactly those. We know about communication, planning & preparation, setting up & sound-checking, double-checking, positioning, stage-lighting, microphone-technique, sound&light-engineering, problem-solving & solution-finding and we will inform you when necessary.

When you use our video-system we will check your video-presentation beforehand in our office to make sure it will run flawlessly.

Private Events:
All of the above is also applicable to any private event, wether it’s a wedding, a ceremony, reception, birthday or dance-party. FIT is there to fulfill your wishes when it comes to speech or music, light and video-projection.

Acoustic Band situations:
Acoustic Bands should sound like an ‘Acoustic Band’ and so our Bose-audiosystem is optimally suited for exactly this setting. There is no better system money can buy worldwide.

Of course a system is only as good as it’s user and our Sound-Engineer has been a professional (acoustic) musician for over 25 years. He knows how to use and optimize the sound-system for every occasion and has years of hands-on experience with it.

FIT: Leave nothing to chance