On your wedding day you and your family & friends may use more electric appliances than you think. Apart from charging cell-phones, mp3-players & tablets, photocamera’s, videocamera’s, you could use a hifi music set, some lighting or a television set for example. If – after a power-out or power-failure – the sound, light, video or other any of your equipment is damaged, usually the show is over; even if the power comes back on. To guarantee continuity we use these voltage regulators, to prevent this kind of damage because ‘the show must go on’.

Bonaire has places with ónly 110 Volts or ónly 220 Volts wall plugs available and some places have both. To ensure that every power situation is available and safe for equipment and people we invested in voltage regulators that allow for 110V and 220V input as well as 110V and 220V output. These stabilized power packs can be rented separately as well. They can give u safety – and therefore peace of mind – when on an assignment. Especially when it’s your marriage we’re talking about.