If you would like to see or show, for example your wedding-pictures or wedding-video on a screen during your reception or party FIT can help. We have the video-equipment that will suit any situation.

When you use a beamer for any reason (business of private), you can settle for average… or you can call FIT for the top of the line high quality beamer with ample light output.

The quality of the end result depends on preparation, functionality, connectivity, placement, light output, image size, absence of beamer-noise, etc. All of these aspects have been taken into consideration when we bought our top of the line – 5000 Ansilumen – Video-beamer.

Whenever FIT is called to do a video-projection, in consultation with our client, we make sure – beforehand – that the used format is supported and we check the media to assure that the presentation will be flawless.

All of FIT Services is available at a very affordable – hourly – rate! Including Top-notch equipment and an experienced Engineer.

Let FIT help you get in touch with an experienced videographer or photographer, to seize your most precious weddingmoments for ever.