During your wedding ceremony you want everyone to be able to hear the registrar and all the other speakers very well. Specifically in an open-air situation on Bonaire with the ever present wind that is not something to be taken for granted. Certainly not when guests sit upwind of the speakers.

In addition, you may want to enjoy your own chosen favorite music during your entrance, in between and at the end perhaps during congratulating. Or you may even consider live music to make the picture even more perfect (Live music for weddings & ceremonies on Bonaire).

Of course you don’t want any obtrusive, usually very large and unsightly sound system with all it’s cables and associated equipment in sight. There is an óther way. FIT Sound Rental uses the world’s best, most compact and unobtrusive sound system by Bose that can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

The pro-active Sound Engineer that comes with the system makes sure that everything sounds perfect and runs smoothly during the event. Naturally he is dressed correctly for the occasion.

Last – but no least – is the consideration of certainty about the job. Some locations may have a sound-set that often can be booked as an extra. These sets are usually very mediocre in quality and there is no one who has any knowledge or experience about sound and the equipment, so the end result can hardly be very satisfying. And they are often not even cheap! All of FIT Services is available at a very affordable – hourly – rate! Including Top-notch equipment and an experienced Sound Engineer.

Sound Service and Audio Engineering is a craft that requires someone with knowledge and experience. All the equipment needs to work perfectly and demands high maintenance and even more important: there needs to be a back-up. And this applies to the whole sound system, as well as extra cables and microphones etc. It’s the FIT way.

Bare in mind that the Sound Service by FIT for an average wedding ceremony on Bonaire is very inexpensive and will give all this quality & peace of mind.

FIT: Leave nothing to chance